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Worried about debts or have missed payments?

There is free, confidential andindependent debt advice available. The Money Adviser Network can direct you to a debt adviser straight away by telephone or you can get support online. Find out more by visitiing

The Money Adviser Network is managed by the government sponsored MoneyHelper

If debt is giving you sleepless nights, get free one-on-one advice

There are two ways to deal with problem debt. Which one is right for you depends on whether you have worrying or large debts or whether you're in a debt crisis.

What counts as 'debt crisis' depends on who you ask, but a good indication that you might be in one is if you answer "yes" to either of these two questions:

1. Are you struggling to pay all basic outgoings, for example, mortgage, rent, energy bills and minimum credit card payments?

2. Are your debts (excluding your mortgage) bigger than a year's after-tax income?

If you're in debt crisis, don't panic. No debt problem is unsolvable. It might not be easy or quick to resolve, but there's always a route. First, read MSE debt help checklist. Then access free one-to-one help – there's a range of great, free, non-profit debt-counselling agencies to support you if you're in crisis.

If you've got debt problems but are NOT in a debt crisis, see how to get help and support from those in the same boat.  

If you're struggling with debt and mental health problems, we also have a free Mental Health and Debt booklet to help.

Citizens Advice Bureau

Is a great source of independent free advice around debts, support and the cost of living. Visit them at

Family income under £30,000? Check whether you're due benefits

There are no guarantees you'll get anything, but it's worth spending the time seeing if you're eligible for benefits, especially if you have children. Even if you only qualify for a small amount, it can open the door to other supportsuch as and reduced utility tariffs. Use our 10-minute benefit checker.


Martin Lewis’s Money Saving Expert website 

Money Saving Expert is a website with articles and tips for saving and managing your money, including:

Money Saving Expert: Energy Help, Credit Cards, Flight Delays, Shopping and more

All the latest deals, guides & loopholes go into the's free weekly email. To sign up visit FREE weekly MoneySaving email

Draw up a budget

The government-backed Money Helper website, produced by the Money and Pensions Service, provides information on a wide range of financial subjects, including:

You can also contact them for money guidance that's impartial and free to use, whether that's online or over the phone. See the Money Helper: Money Guidance page for details.

Help For Households 

UK Government National Campaign: A wealth of information and signposting for cost saving, discounts.

Extreme couponing and bargaining facebook group

The group has been setup to share deals, offers and to help save money through everyday living. To sign up click here

Charitable grants

Help may be available to you through a charitable grant and other help, depending on your background, circumstances and needs.

To find out what help may be available from grant-giving charities, you can use the Turn2us Grants Search.

The Reuse Network

The Reuse Network is a national charity that works with reuse centres that stock high-quality, affordable household items including furniture, electrical appliances, IT equipment and more. 

Are you looking for somewhere you can find affordable household items? find a reuse centre near you.

Broadband 'social tariff'? Some cost £15 a month

If you're on a lower income, for example, claiming universal credit, MSE has a  full list of social tariffs which are cheap long-term. Some poeple  looking for work are even eligible for six months' free broadband.

Struggling to pay energy bills? There's more help available

The first step's to talk to your supplier to agree a repayment plan that you can afford. But, that's not the only help available, there are grants, one-off payments and more. Turn2us  Struggling to pay energy bills? guide rounds up all the help available from energy firms, the state and charities. 


people choose to give their unwanted items by giving them away for free to others. Freecycle works both ways.

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