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Guidance for educational settings

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  • Keeping Children Safe in Education 2020: This document is for information only and does not come into force until 1 September 2020. Schools and colleges must continue to have regard to KCSIE 2019 until then.
  • School Attendance Guidance 2019: guidance for maintained schools, academies, independent schools and local authorities (DfE). Published July 2019
  • Exclusion Guidance 2017: exclusion from maintained schools, academies and pupil referral units in England Statutory guidance for those with legal responsibilities in relation to exclusion (DfE). Published September 2017
  • Online Guidance: what academies, free schools and colleges should publish online (DfE). Published June 2016, updated October 2018.
  • Online Statutory Guidance: what maintained schools must publish online. Published September 2014, updated October 2018.

Bedford Borough

Headteacher conference 21.08.20

Documents for school improvement advisors and headteachers


Coproduced decision making template. Children in Special Schools and alternative provision

Coproduced decision making template. Children with EHCP in mainstream schools


Mental Health and Wellbeing

Safeguarding and online security