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Art and Craft Club with Katie

Hi, I am Katie! I have experience working in art education since 2010, with workshop specialisms in printmaking, illustration, Photoshop, typography and surface pattern design. I have also run workshops to link illustration to literacy, geography, textiles and music.


I currently teach drawing and printmaking courses to adults at Bedford Arts and Crafts Centre, and have run workshops for all school ages.


Tuesday 6th April: 4.30pm

Drawing Bugs (aimed at ages 9-14): We will create an interesting collage background to draw onto. You will need: a few sheets of colour paper, pencil, rubber, a black fine pen (like a handwriting pen or a fine tipped felt tip).


Friday 9th April: 11.30am

Doodle Characters (aimed at ages 7-10): We will invent characters from doodles! You will need: plain paper, felt tip pens and pencils.

Session dates:

Tuesday 6th April: 4.30pm - 5.30pm

Friday 9th April: 11.30am - 12.30pm


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