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Bedford Borough Mental Health and Wellbeing Hub

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This collection of resources has had many contributors and reflects a truly multi agency approach to supporting emotional wellbeing of children & young people in Bedford Borough. We are grateful to colleagues in Health, the Local Authority and Education for all their support with this. We also like to thank the Young People involved  who have made a significant contribution providing content.

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We are keen for this resource to be continually updated and refreshed with content, in order to do this we need your support. If you are aware of resources or services that should be included within this Hub then please let us know using the contact us page

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  1. What is Mental Health?
  2. Support for Children and Young People
  3. Crisis Support
  4. Teacher Wellbeing
  5. Supper for parents and carers
  6. Resources for Educational Settings
  7. Mental Health and Wellbeing Videos
  8. Whole School and College Approach to Mental Health
  9. Mental Health Support Teams (Schools)
  10. Bereavement Support
  11. Support with BAME issues
  12. Support with LGBTQI+ Issues