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Other Education Providers

There are education providers who offer an informal study environment in smaller groups.  You can find out more information on these providers below.


Youth Inspired

Youth Inspired is a community organisation enabling people with Learning Difficulties, Disabilities, Autism or Mental Health conditions to learn, grow and achieve through training and support.

They are a small independent learning provider and can respond quickly to the needs of  learners.

They offer programmes for both young people and adults, that are flexible and person-centred. Their staff-to-learner ratio is high, meaning they can offer the support and encouragement needed that leads to successful progression.

They help learners to become more confident and independent, learn new skills and achieve their goals; through a variety of enriching programmes. Youth Inspired provides a safe, secure and engaging environment for learners to reach their true potential, through training and support. Youth Inspired can help learners be inspired to achieve, become more independent, and enjoy learning in a safe and secure environment.

For more information, contact Youth Inspired on the details below:
T: 01234 480980

1 Newnham Street, Bedford, MK40 3JR

Heywood House – Luton

The Heywood House Centre, Future House, The Moakes, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU3 3QB
The Heywood House Centre is set up with the belief and passion that we can make a difference. Through our own personal experiences, we have learnt the importance of getting the health needs right, this sets the foundation for our young adults to achieve both educationally and socially, but more importantly to be safe, happy and have fun.
As parents we know the frustration of not being listened to. You’re the expert, we want to gain as much knowledge as we can to help us have a full understanding of your young adults needs. A small detail can make a big difference.
By fully understanding an individual’s unique needs we can begin to effectively support them, as we hear so often said “they haven’t read the text book!!!"
At Heywood House we will be following an accredited educational programme specific to the needs of young adults with profound and complex difficulties. It will contain bite sized modules that allow each student to achieve at their own individual level and pace that their health needs will allow.
Nothing at Heywood House is set in stone! If something needs changing to meet your needs we will do our utmost to do that. We know what family life is like and that events happen no matter how organised we are and we can be flexible at those times to help as much as we can.
We offer:
•Client centred care
•Fun and laughter
•Daily physiotherapy routine
•5 day week (including social care provision with education)
•9.30am – 4pm
•44 week year
•Person centred care plans
•Imaginative programme of individual activities
•Close liaison with parents and carers
•Continuing educational programme
•Safe and stimulating environment
•Protection to vulnerable adults
•Outstanding quality of care
T: 01582 848288


Sense Centre Bedford is a specialist education and day service and  is part of the wider organisation Sense ( 

Centres in Bedfordshire are located in Bedford and in Streatley (Luton).  The centres offer an education programme (16 – 25 years), and also have an adult social care day service (18 years and above). The education programmes are for students aged 16 to 25 years of age and who have an active Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP), and who have who have one or more of the following:

• A moderate to complex learning disability
• A requirement for specialist communication support
• Vision impairment, hearing impairment, or a combined vision & hearing impairment
• Autism or Asperger Syndrome
• A requirement for behavioural support

SENSE offer:

  • Three education pathways which are Learning For Life, Foundation Learning and Employability
  • Highly personalised and progression focused learning programmes
  • Ongoing support with vocational and independent living life skills
  • Courses linked to external accreditation, leading to nationally recognised qualifications
  • Learning through meaningful, realistic and practical activities
  • Programmes and strategies designed to assist students to cope and become more confident in social situations
  • Specialist sensory and communication assessment and support
  • A programme of social and leisure activities within the local community

Who to contact

T: 01234 673 222


CANTO - Northampton

Willis House, Tonmead Road, Lumbertubs, Northampton, NN3 8HU

CANTO are able to support students with a wide range of special education needs, including learning difficulties, health problems and disabilities. 

They are experienced in providing support to students with a large range of special education needs such as dyslexia, ADHD, autism, downs syndrome, PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance), ADHD, moderate learning difficulty, epilepsy, mental health issues and a wide variety of other diagnosis. 

All students have  the opportunity to work within small groups of 4 - 8 to support their development. Each student has individual targets set and receives support from not only their tutors but from their keyworker.

For more information please visit:

Macintyre No Limits

 We work in partnership with Further Education and Independent Specialist colleges to provide an inclusive and flexible model of education for young people aged 16 and over. The unique MacIntyre No Limits approach enables young people with Autism, Special Education Needs and Social, Emotional and Mental Health Needs to continue their education and develop skills in preparation for adulthood. Learners are enrolled directly at their local college and receive an individualised and engaging programme of education facilitated and overseen by MacIntyre No Limits. We can work with learners from their home, and more importantly in their own town where they can best apply their learning and where they will live as adults. We can also support young people within the college environment with all our programmes providing a bespoke personalised timetable aimed at developing skills for a successful transition to adulthood. No Limits works with young people and their families and will work collaboratively to identify and achieve their long term goals in a way that is engaging and makes sense to them.

How does it work?
Starting with a learner’s interests, strengths and needs, a unique timetable is developed, that will provide the right experiences to meet their personal learning goals.
No two learners have the same timetable, even if they are on the same college course. No Limits timetables can also be changed more frequently than in a traditional setting. This means that if a session doesn’t work, or no longer interests the learner, it can quickly be replaced and learner engagement is maintained. All No Limits sessions include embedded functional skills in English, Maths and Technology and Internet Skills (TIS). Learners who also want to gain qualifications in these areas, such as GCSEs, can be supported though their partner college, or via individual lessons with a qualified tutor.
The subjects on a No Limits timetable are designed to deliver learning across many aspects of the No Limits Curriculum. For example, a work experience session would be intended to meet employability targets, but would also
provide opportunities to meet targets in communication, personal development, independent living, and community participation.

The No Limits Curriculum aims to develop learner’s skills across eight key areas – Communication, Personal Development, Health & Wellbeing, Friendships & Relationships, Embedded Functional Skills, Independent Living, Community Participation and Employability.

Starting from the learner’s existing skills and experience, targets are developed that will support the learner to increase their independence and confidence. For example a learner who already communicates effectively with familiar people, may be supported to learn skills for
communicating effectively with unfamiliar people. Once a learner can remember and understand a skill, their learning is deepened by enabling them to transfer and apply the skill in different settings, such as in the community or in their own home.
With increasing independence and communication skills, No Limits learners are empowered to solve problems effectively, reducing behaviours of concern, such as shouting or hitting.
Learners are supported to develop coping strategies and alternative ways of meeting their needs, to keep themselves and others safe.

If you would like to find out more about MacIntyre No Limits, please get in touch:
T: 01908 230100


SSG – Education and Training Alexander Sports Centre, Sidney Rd, Bedford MK40 2BQ

We are thrilled you are considering investing in your future by enrolling on a
course with us at SSG. So why do we think this is such a good idea?
Although our courses are parallel with courses you may find at college in relation to the qualifications you will be able to achieve we provide a very different experience for you in lots of other ways.

SSG Skills Academy:
At SSG we recognise that not all students leaving school have a
fixed idea of how they see their career paths panning out. With this
in mind we created the SSG Skills Academy.
Skills Academy students will experience and explore a variety of different sectors throughout the course to better understand career options and opportunities as well as identify what sectors best suit their own set of skills and career aspirations.
For students that may not have achieved their Maths and English at school you
will study this in addition to your core qualification and work within small groups with our tutors to support you achieve the required grades and ensure this isn’t a barrier to your future goals.
Students can access the skills academy at either Entry Level or Level 1 and can
utilise the skills academy platform as a springboard into further education in
sector specific courses. All you need is a positive attitude and a willingness to explore new opportunities.

Every course that SSG operate is made up of units of work which are specifically selected to make up the entire course. All units will include practical participation, delivery and theory elements and assessment. Your selected course will cover units including:  Development of personal skills for leadership  Supporting employability and personal effectiveness  Using a CV and covering letter  Managing transition in to work  Preparation and participation in work experience  Online branding for career success  Networking and building professional relationships

For more information please visit:


At ALTR RISE we create and deliver dynamic and innovative whole person education programmes for young people with Special Educational Needs or debilitating Anxiety ages 16-19 years. Our revolutionary evidence-based approach is based on the psychological premise that potential is significantly more likely to be achieved by breaking down hidden barriers to learning. We work to improve identified outcomes for young people whilst building confidence, self-esteem, resilience and aspiration and drive for life so that they can feel a sense of achievement, empowerment and be able to bounce back from life’s hurdles. We support young people to make sustainable changes to their lives; making long lasting friendships, developing a sense of security, sense of self, affiliation with their community, culture and a true sense of independence and belonging that will serve them long into adult hood. Our young people are given time, nurture, environment and structure required to develop academically, socially and emotionally and build a resilient platform for future pathways.

RISE Educational Curriculum is adapted and modified, not only to meet needs and outcomes, but to develop the character, confidence and independence of the young people that attend.
Our Curriculum:
• Engages our young people in learning for life.
• Creates a partnership with our parents/carers and all stakeholders.
• Develops opportunities for further education, training and employment links within the community.
• Considers individual learning needs, experiences and backgrounds, starting points, future plans.
• Allows everyone to experience success and independence.
• Raises aspirations and standards of attainment and productivity in all areas of life.
All students have access to:
• Innate health, Wellbeing and resilience Education
• Sensory Circuits
• Financial Understanding
• Personal Safety and Care
• Travel and Independence Training
• Work based Experiences and Training
The broad and balanced curriculum provides a strong core of accredited subjects underpinned by Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development (SMSC), fundamental British Values, Careers Guidance, Healthy Living and well-being, preparation for future plans, equality and diversity.
We study:
• English Functional Skills Level 1 &2, and GCSE English
• Maths Functional Skills Level 1 &2, and GCSE Maths
• Science Entry level 1-3
• Life and Living Skills OCR Entry Level 1-3
• Digital Employability Entry Level 1 - 3 / Level 1 Award
• Information Technology
• Employability Entry Level 1-3
• Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
• Art, Dance, Drama and Music
• Physical activity and adaptive sports - Entry Level PE 1-3
• Careers Guidance
• Entry Level Courses as per learners’ interest or career aspiration where possible.
At RISE we recognise the importance of a Holistic Education that gives meaning to learning, develops key skills, understanding and embeds social interaction and social understanding in the communities where the young people live. We use enrichment opportunities to learn to enjoy the pleasures of the leisure and hospitality sector, develop lifelong interests, to cement knowledge and understanding about how to access opportunities in the community, including accessing help and care services, to experiences local Educational Establishments and industries at work. We hope that exposure to the world and what it has to offer will allow a young person to form new age appropriate interest, create passion, excitement, increase engagement in the community. Through this exposure, we enable young people to make informed decisions and form their own aspirations for future pathways and lead to best possible outcomes.
We welcome anybody interested in a place at ALTR RISE to make contact with us at to discuss your needs, wants and aspirations of a Post 16 Educational Setting. If you think we are right for you and your young person and you have an EHC Plan you must contact your Local Authority and advise them of your wish to name ALTR RISE on the EHC Plan.

Address:Suite 1, 37 Castle Lane, Bedford, MK40 3NT
T: 07940 302921

RB Air

At Red Balloon of the Air (RBAir) we offer a well-established, blended approach to therapeutic education which helps young people re-engage with learning and the communities around them.
Our Step4ward modular programme is specially designed for young people aged 16-21 who want to develop their social skills, confidence and experience to be successful in work, college or a training environment.
This person-centred, bridging programme can be tailored to support the needs and aspirations of each young person. It promotes a focus on outcomes that are transferable to the real world so students can successfully make choices and manage change.
It follows a graduated approach that is in line with students' needs and includes one-to-one wellbeing sessions.
Curriculum and Qualifications
The Step4ward curriculum follows the themes found in the national 'Preparing for Adulthood initiative.
It includes a choice of academic learning qualifications in a maximum of two subjects. These include GCSEs, GCSE retakes, English and Maths Functional Skills, ASDAN short courses, Art Awards and AQA Unit Awards.
Subject areas may include:
 Maths and English Language (GCSE/Functional Skills)
 English Literature, Psychology, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Studies, History (GCSE)
 Animal Care (ASDAN)
 Art Awards
 Media Studies AQA Unit Awards
The core Step4ward modules include:
 ILS: Independence & Living Skills
 Exploring self-efficacy; the decisions young people want to take for themselves and planning their role indecision-making as they become adults.
 Developing an understanding of personal health and self-care.
 Acquiring the understanding and skills to manage their money.
 SC²: Social Communication & Community skills development
 Managing and building relationships.
 Developing and practising social skills.
 Increasing community involvement and use of community facilities.
 WE²CV: World of Work, Employability &Entrepreneurship, College, Vocational skills development
 Recognising their own strengths, interests, skills and qualities and how these can be transformed into their future goals.
 Practising workplace communication skills.
 Developing entrepreneurial endeavours and exploring business ideas.
This programme recognises that some young people have complex mental health needs and require more time to develop their independence. They also need support to develop an understanding of a healthy adult lifestyle, social, communication and community engagement skills. Ultimately they build up their confidence to take the next steps into employment, training or apprenticeships.
We can support students who have:
 a willingness to come to RBAir and a commitment to attend
 a commitment to show positive regard to others and make progress academically, emotionally and socially (inclusive of being part of group sessions)
 access to a Wifi connection (other ITequipment and servicing provided)
 a reading age of 10+ (to access online learning)
 are able, or are willing to work towards, attending F2F sessions up to twice a week. This would involve travel to our centres inMilton, Cambridgeshire or Danbury, Essex.
We recognise that some young people might need longer to access the F2F element, so we can offer a one year or two year programme. The one year programme is for young people who are able to access group F2F sessions from the first term onwards. The two year programme is designed to build up slowly over a longer period of time. It focuses on establishing trusted relationships, initially online, and then progress through one to one,F2F sessions, moving into pairs or small groups in line with each young person’s development. RBAir's Admissions Team will review each young person’s needs and requirements in line with their EHCP outcomes.

For more information:

Address:Suite 3, Winship House, Winship Road, Cambridge CB24 6AP
T: 01223 354338 (Ask to speak to Wendy Bucktrout or a Member of the Admissions Team)