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Sunflower Lanyard

Wearing a sunflower lanyard at Heathrow enables our colleagues to recognise that you have a hidden disability without you needing to declare it. This allows you to travel independently through the airport whilst knowing that if you need any additional support during your journey, any of our colleagues will be able to support. If you do find you are feeling any discomfort during your journey or would prefer extra assistance, head to one of our Assistance desks where one of our colleagues will be happy to help.

What if I need extra support?

For a hidden disability such as autism, dementia or anxiety, help is always at hand at the airport. If you would like to book assistance just let your airline know 48 hours in advance and our specially-trained staff will take care of you.

See airline contacts

If at any given time during your journey you feel that you require extra support, you can approach one of our friendly passenger ambassadors or go to an assistance host area (located both before and after security in each terminal). There an agent will be happy to support you through the rest of your journey.

If you have any further questions about the lanyard please do not hesitate to get in touch with us by email at

Host areas 

We have assistance host areas in each terminal, which is where you can find assistance from our agents. Should you need assistance reaching our host areas please use a designated help point or call directly on +44 (0)20 8757 2700.

Our host areas have seating, flight information screens and some have vending machines.

Host area locations

  • Terminal 2:
    Before Security - Check-in near Zone C
    After Security - Follow signs to “B Gates”
  • Terminal 3:
    Before security - Level 1, above Zone A Check-in, opposite Pret a manger
    After security - Near World Duty Free, past the toilets
  • Terminal 4:
    Before Security - Check-in, under sign for Zones A&B
  • After Security - Next to Costa Coffee – follow signs to gate A7
  • Terminal 5:
    Before Security - Zone G and Zone A
    After Security - Next to gate A23
  • Terminal 5B & Terminal 5C:

Quiet Area

For our passengers in Terminal 3, we have a rest and relaxation room that you can enjoy if you want to escape from the sights and sounds of the terminal to a quiet place. This room is situated opposite to gate 25.
Quiet room facilities are currently being developed across all terminals. Updated information will be available once completed. Please see our Assistance Guides for further infomation and where to find quiet areas.

Accessible toilets and changing places 

Toilets are provided throughout Heathrow, in arrivals and departures, before and after security. Most include a unisex, wheelchair-accessible toilet. Occasionally the accessible toilet is located inside the men's and ladies' toilets.

Changing places

Changing places will have additional equipment and space to use the toilets safely and comfortably. They can be found in the following locations:

  • Terminal 2: After security - arrivals level, opposite Gate 18
  • Terminal 2: After security - departures level, opposite Gate B47
  • Terminal 3: After security - departures level, opposite Gate 7
  • Terminal 4: Arrivals - opposite London Underground escalators
  • Terminal 5: After security - departures level, Special Assistance Lounge - Lichfield Suite, opposite Gate 20

Average distance and times to gate 

Journey times to gates will vary depending on the terminal and your destination. To help cover these distances we provide moving walkways, lifts and a transfer shuttle in Terminal 5.

Departure gates are subject to change and prior notice will be given on the flight information screens in the terminal. You can also check departure gates with your airline at check-in.

Use our interactive map to preview all walking distances, or see below for approximate timings.

Terminal 2

All departure gates in the main terminal ('A' gates) are approximately 200m (about five minutes) from security. Gates in satellite terminal T2B ('B' gates) are 800m (about 20 minutes) from security. UK and Ireland flights depart from 'A' gates.

Terminal 3

The majority of departure gates are 800m (about 20 minutes) from security.

Terminal 4

Most departure gates are approximately 200m (about five minutes) from security. Some are 400m (about 10 minutes) from security.

Terminal 5

All gates in the main terminal ('A' gates) are approximately 400m (about ten minutes) from security. Gates in satellites T5B and T5C ('B' and 'C' gates) are 600m (about 15 minutes) from security (via transit system). Domestic and EU flights usually depart from 'A' gates, other international departures from 'B' and 'C' gates.

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