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Specialised Nursing Advice clinics

The specialist nursing team provide a nurse led phone advice service for parents of children with additional needs. No appointment needed. Monday to Friday 9:30-11.30am contact the team on 01234 310271.


Children’s specialist nursing at the Child Development Centre (CDC)

Nurse Led Clinic Workshops

The specialist nursing team co-ordinates, advises and supports children and their families, particularly in the areas of sleep, behaviours that may challenge and continence.

The Nurse Led clinic workshops for Behaviour and Sleep are a new service based at the Child Development Centre in Kempston.

They offer support in a group setting to families who are experiencing similar difficulties and provides practical solutions and strategies to manage sleep and behaviour concerns.

The workshops are run by the Specialist Nursing and Early Support Services who have knowledge, understanding and expertise in managing sleep and behaviour difficulties. 

This service is part of the wider Children’s Community and Specialist Nursing Services that provides specialist advice, support and nursing care to children and young people from the age of 0-19 years and their families within their home, in the wider community and special needs school settings.

Sleep workshop 

The Sleep workshop is held on a three- monthly rolling programme. We offer a daytime, evening and Saturday morning session in an attempt to offer flexibility around family need and preference.

The session lasts two hours and explores the principles of sleep and considers possible strategies and solutions to manage your child’s sleep concerns.

If further support is required after introducing strategies learned at the initial workshop, then specific discussion around your child’s needs may be sought from the Nurse Led Clinic service through either telephone contact or via the Nurse Led Clinic ‘drop in’ services. Further support may then be offered via: smaller workshop groups, one to one support and/or at ‘drop in’ clinic services.


We offer an initial two hour workshop – ‘Understanding Behaviour’ for all families requiring behaviour support through Nurse Led Clinic Services.

This explores the principles of behaviour management and considers possible strategies and solutions to managing your child’s behaviour concerns.

The ‘Understanding Behaviour’ workshop is also held on a three monthly rolling programme, with a daytime, evening or Saturday morning session available.

Follow-Up Support

Follow up support and advice is offered as needed via the Nurse Led Clinic ‘drop-in’ services or through attending ‘123 Magic’ Behaviour Workshops. One to one support may also be considered if required and available.

The ‘123 Magic’ behaviour workshop is offered to families whose child is able to understand consequence. It is divided into four sessions spread over a five or six week period and allows the opportunity to put into practice the strategies learned prior to attending the final review session where on-going concerns are addressed and successes shared.


1: STOP behaviours Session

2: START behaviours Session

3: Strengthening your relationship Session

4: Group review

Once you have attended an initial workshop you remain registered with the nurse led clinic for a period of four weeks. This gives you the opportunity to work with the strategies and to come back to us if further support is required. If we do not hear from you within this time it will be assumed that you are enjoying success and we will discharge you from the Nurse Led Clinic service. You will still be able to access the service through our ‘drop in’ sessions.

Sleep and Behaviour problems in children and young people can have a significant effect on the well-being of the whole family. The Nurse-Led Clinic workshops provide a orum for exploration of the main principles of behaviour and sleep management, promoting positive interventions and providing solutions to problems.

The service is provided by a multi-skilled team of registered nurses, specialist nursery nurses and children’s support workers.

How to contact our service

Telephone:  01234 310271


How to access the service    

To arrange a face to face appointment, please call 01234 310936 on Mon, Wed and Thurs 09:00-13:00 or 13:30-15:00 (answerphone at all other times).

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Child Development Centre
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MK42 7EB
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Every Monday apart from Bank Holidays 11am to 1pm
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