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"You make the difference" - A video by Occupational Therapy and Speech and Language Therapy Services

A couple of services within Bedfordshire Community Health Services have come together to make a video titled 'You make the difference'. This video aims to give families advice and tips on how you can support children's communication, play, motor skills and independence.

Bedfordshire Community Health Services would like to thank all of the children and families who agreed to take part in the video.


This video is now also available with a transcript into different languages - visit:

Who to contact

Contact Name
Bedfordshire Community Health Services


Best Start Bedford offer is a free service provided by Bedford Borough Council.

 The information contained within the website is available for the purposes of identifying services and provision that are available to parents and children inclusive of those with special educational needs and/or disabilities.

 This information does not represent a recommendation or an endorsement of a Service/Provider and neither does Bedford Borough Council or its partners make any representations as to the accuracy of the information.

Please contact the service provider directly for updates and accuracy of information.

 Anyone working with children should have appropriate Disclosure and Barring Service, (DBS) safeguarding policies and insurances in place, which they should make available to you on request.

Other Details

Age Bands
11-14 years old
Parents and carers
15-17 years old
0-4 years old
5-10 years old