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Ophthalmology Services at Bedford Hospital provided by Moorfield Eye Hospital

Welcome to the Ophthalmology Department. We are a large, friendly professional team who care for patients with conditions of the eye. The Department is managed by the world-renowned Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Contact Details:
Main Number: 01234 792290

This is an automated system with a choice of options as follows:
Outpatients (booking/querying clinic appointments) 1
Surgery(booking/querying eye surgery) 2
Injections (Lucentis/Ozurdex procedures) 3

Acute Eye Clinic Direct Line:
01234 792643

Adult Motility Clinics

These run every Thursday at the Enhanced Services Centre, North Wing, led by a Consultant supported by the Orthoptist team.

Acute Clinics

A clinic providing a fast track service via GPs, Opticians or A&E referrals which enables patients with urgent eye problems to be triaged and seen promptly where required. This clinic has a direct line
01234 792643 for patients requiring advice but please bear in mind that it is very frequently used and may be busy. We do suggest you contact your GP or optician initially who will call the Acute line if required. You will not be seen in the Acute clinic service without a referral from your GP, optician or A&E as appropriate.

Minor Ops/See & Treat Clinics

Patients with minor complaints, such as cysts or biopsies, are brought directly into this clinic. If suitable, a patient will have their operation in the department and be able to go home same day.

Glaucoma Clinics

Patients are referred to this clinic by their GP or optician if glaucoma is suspected. Patients are requested to undertake a Visual Fields Test and diagnostic photography before seeing the glaucoma consultant. This is usually in the form of two outpatient appointments.

Cataract Clinics

These clinics are run throughout the week prior to undergoing cataract surgery.

We now also operate a Shared Pathway Cataract Scheme whereby patients are reviewed and given detail on surgery by their local optometrists. The optometrists then ask us to put the patient on the waiting list for their cataract surgery and we offer a nurse pre-operative assessment one month prior to the surgery date. This has recently been introduced to try and make the patient pathway in this service smoother.

Anterior Segment Clinics

These clinics run weekly for patients referred in by the GP or optometrist. These are run by a Consultant and Associate Specialist.

Medical Retina Clinics

These clinics are run throughout the week and patients have services available to them such as laser treatment, Fluroescein, Lucentis or Ozurdex if required. These are run by Consultants, Associate Specialists and Optometrists.

Fluroescein Clinics

These clinics run on a Wednesday weekly by a Registered Nurse and Medical Photographer.

Lucentis Clinics

These clinics run on a Tuesday weekly as a one-stop with two doctors, an optometrist and nurse support. If it is decided that you require a Lucentis injection it is offered to you immediately same day and you can return home within a few hours.

Ozurdex Clinics

Ozurdex injections are currently offered within theatre session. Reviews clinics run on Mondays alternate weeks.

Paediatric Clinics

We have a specialist Paediatric Opthalmologist who works with the support of an Associate Specialist, Optometrist and Orthoptists to provide weekly clinics for paediatric eye patients. These are held within the Enhanced Services Centre at North Wing. At present, any patient requiring paediatric eye surgery has this undertaken at Hinchingbrooke Hospital as theatre facilities are not yet available at Bedford Hospital.

Nurse Pre-Operative Clinics

We run nurse led pre-operative clinics for patients listed for eye surgery to assess them medically to ensure they are fit to go ahead with surgery. You will also undergo a biometry.


Eye Theatre

We are proud to provide an excellent day case unit for patients requiring eye surgery which is managed by the eye clinic team ensuring continuity of care. We undertake various types of elective eye surgery as well as emergency procedures.

If you have any compliments or complaints these can be directed through the Patient Advice and Liaison Service based at Moorfields, 162 City Road, London, EC1V 2PD

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Available at North wing in the Enhanced Service Centre or at South Wing

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