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Early Help - Multi Agency Strengthening families programme

The Strengthening families programme is a programme of targeted intervention amongst families with multiple issues. It encourages multi-agency working amongst partners and early intervention. This reduces public spending on high priority families.  

How are families eligible for the programme?

Families must have two criteria’s from our outcome plan: 

  • Crime 
  • Attendance
  • Child in need
  • Unemployment or debt
  • Domestic violence
  • Health Needs.

Benefits of the programme

  • Leads to enhanced and improved outcomes for children and young people, through a range of joined-up services, advice and support being readily available and easily accessible
  • By working together, agencies can use their strengths and individual specialised skills to support the families. Issues can be dealt with at a far faster rate, as the specified support required can be much more easily accessed through a multi-agency framework.
  • Families receive support at an early stage to prevent their issues escalating at a later period.

Strengthening families outcome plan 

This is our Strengthening families outcome plan, this guidance helps us identify the current issues the families are facing so we can support the family more effectively using a multi-agency approach. 

Strengthening families leaflet and poster 

For additional information, please read our Strengthening families leaflet and poster

Other Details

Age Bands
Parents and carers