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Triple P Fearless Programme

Fear-Less Triple P is a cognitive-behavioural parenting intervention that supports parents to help children manage their anxiety more effectively. The program encourages parents to generalize strategies to all family members, not just the child of concern.

Fear-Less Triple P aims to help parents to set a good example of coping with anxiety, coach their children to become more emotionally resilient, and develop a toolbox of strategies and choose the most effective to respond to their child’s anxiety.

The Fear-Less Triple P program can either be completed in six group sessions.

Suited to parents or caregivers of children aged from 6 to 18 years who have low to moderate levels of anxiety that cause significant distress or impact on their everyday functioning.

Current Triple P courses 

To see which Triple P sessions the Early Help are currently offering please visit the parent/carers training page here

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Age Bands
11-14 years old
18-25 years old
Parents and carers
15-17 years old
0-4 years old
5-10 years old