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Working Tax Credit

Working Tax Credit is means tested and available to people who are employed or self-employed. If you're single you need to do paid work of at least 16 hours per week. If you're in a couple your joint paid working hours need to be at least 24 hours a week, with one of you working at least 16 hours a week.

Childcare element of Working Tax Credit

The childcare element of working tax credit is intended to help working parents on a low income with the costs of registered childcare. The amount of financial assistance you could receive will depend on your income, your childcare costs, the number of children you have and your family circumstances.

To be eligible for the childcare element of Working Tax Credit you:

  • must have main caring responsibility for your child/children and you can claim for them up to the first Saturday in September following their 15th birthday, or 16th if they are disabled or registered blind
  • must use registered childcare
  • must be in paid work of 16 or more hours a week. If you have a partner, you must both be in work for 16 or more hours per week; or one of you must work 16 hours and the other is incapacitated, in hospital, in prison or entitled to carers allowance

The childcare element can cover up to 70 per cent of eligible childcare costs. Maximum costs are currently set at £175 per week for one child and £300 per week for two or more children.


Other Details

Age Bands
Parents and carers
0-4 years old
5-10 years old