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Early Years Transitions: Child Voice

“Are you listening? Can you hear me”? This is what children want all adults to consider when they are supporting them with transitions into school or from a reception class to a year one class.  It is vital that we seek the child’s perspective, their voice, within the transition process.

“Children have the right to have their opinions taken into account and their views respected in decision-making that affects them”.

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989)

The children in the following video clips discuss how the transition process is similar to building a jigsaw puzzle. They want you to consider the ‘whole picture’, and to build upon what they already know.  As an adult, it is important not to assume, and to help you with this, the children ask that you join in with them, so that you to get to know them better. They understand that they are lifelong learners and ask you to help them grow and flourish.

To complement the video clips, we have provided you with the ‘Are you listening? Can you hear me?’ guidance for early years and schools.  It champions the child’s voice and reminds us to view transition as a process and not an event.

The video clips, supporting documents and guidance are essential viewing for all practitioners working with young children. It should form part of all new staff’s induction and should be discussed regularly as part of all staff’s CPD.

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