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CAMHS & Chums Service Users' Short Films

Exam Stress

A short video created for Chums about how to manage exam stress

Exam Stress for CHUMS from Copperwheat Films on Vimeo.


Why do we feel anxious?

Russell Hurn, a consultant psychologist talks through anxiety and explains why we feel the way we do when we become scared or worried.

Why do we feel anxious? from Chums on Vimeo.

Fears about Mental Health Support

Are you worried about what will happen when you access Mental Health support? This video by CAMHS service shows the very real fears they had about accessing support for their Mental Health and some tips that can support those working with them

Fears about Mental Health Support. from Copperwheat Films on Vimeo.

What defines you?

Many things define us. Our Mental Health is just one of them. The CAMHS Service User Participation group created this powerful video explaining they are so much more than just their Mental Health

What defines you? from Copperwheat Films on Vimeo.

Other Details

Age Bands
11-14 years old
18-25 years old
Parents and carers
15-17 years old
0-4 years old
5-10 years old