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Gulliver's Land Theme Park

Gulliver land Milton Keynes 

We’re a family-run theme park designed for children aged between 2 to 13. From the Runaway Train in Discovery Bay to the Jungle River Ride, there are plenty of exciting rides to ensure that all the family have a fun day out. There are also a number of rides and play areas designed for toddlers.

We don’t have lots of additional theme park prices, parking is completely free..

Gully's Safe Steps to Giant Adventures

We can't wait to welcome you to Gulliver's for fantastic family adventures. To help keep our guests and team members safe we have put together a few steps that outline some of the new measures we are implementing. We are committed to providing you with magical adventures every step of the way. We now have a Traffic Light System in place at our theme parks, this will alert you to the different levels of risk of virus transmission associated with each separate attraction.

Before You Arrive...

Pre-Book Online Only

We are reducing the daily capacity of our attractions and theme parks, so please book your tickets in advance.

Passport Holders - Online Booking

To manage our reduced capacity, Passport holders should only book online by selecting the passport holders ticket option.

Staggered Arrival Times

For your convenience and safety, and to assist with social distancing upon entry, please select your arrival time when booking.

Feeling Unwell?

If you or any member of your party are displaying any signs of coronavirus, please do not visit.

 Upon Arrival...

Contactless Entry

It's super simple, just present your booking barcode that's found on your confirmation email. Print this off and present a paper copy or show it to our team on your phone. We'll scan it upon arrival.

Contactless Payments

To minimise the handling of cash or the use of pin-pads, we encourage contactless payments throughout the resort wherever possible.

Around The Park...

Enhanced Cleaning Regimes

Enhanced cleaning measures have been implemented across the theme parks and accommodations. Deep cleaning will occur in identified areas following any individual who presents coronavirus symptoms.

Keeping Apart

Keep a safe distance from other adventurers, there will be markers on the floor and fences for guidance on social distancing. Please adhere to one-way directional signage across the resorts.

Sanitising Stations

We’ve installed a number of additional hand sanitiser units around the park for your convenience.

On-site Safety Advice

Look out for 'Safe Steps to Giant Adventures' signage located at the entrance and around the park for additional guidance throughout your visit.

Hygiene Screens

Our teams may be wearing protective face coverings, eyewear or gloves where closer contact with guests is necessary. You'll also see hygiene screens at some of our service counters.


Snacks & Gifts

Snack kiosks and gift shops will also be available with controlled access.


When You Ride...

Ride Safety

On dates when rides are operational we'll need to space families apart. To maintain hygiene during the pandemic, rides will be temporarily suspended for cleaning at periods throughout the day.

Play Attractions

Some play attractions may be restricted or temporarily unavailable.



A Guide For Guests with Special Needs

Please download our information sheet which gives guests with special needs information regarding the accessibility of all rides on the park. If further information is required please speak to a member of staff in our Guest Relations office.

If you are the carer reading this for or on behalf of a guest, please note that the decision whether or not they should ride or if they should be accompanied on the ride is yours. Our staff are not trained to judge the physical suitability of an individual. We will assume that if you allow them to go on to a ride (accompanied or otherwise) they are physically capable of doing so.


Discounted Entry

To be eligible for the concessionary discounted entry rate you will need to provide one of the following documents:

  • MAX Card
  • MOD 90 ID Card
  • Blue Badge
  • Blue Light Card
  • NHS Badge/Identification
  • DLA or PIP letter (together with photo ID of the person named within the letter).

Please produce one of these documents upon arrival, this admits TWO persons at the concessionary rate. The consessionary rate for your chosen ticket will appear in the ticket options where applicable.

A senior rate is available for those over 60. Please bring along proof of eligibility

We strongly advise that all guests with special needs are accompanied when ever possible on every ride.

For more information please call our Hotline on 01925 444 888.

Ride Access Pass

Owing to the sheer number of rides and attractions at Gulliver’s Theme Parks we have on average, very low queuing times. However, guests with particular special needs who are unable to queue may be eligible for a ride pass. This would allow them and up to three accompanying helpers to access the ride via the ride exit area for ease of access.

Ride passes can be requested from a member of park management or at guest relations. Proof of entitlement is required in the form of a diagnosis letter from a GP or medical professional, which demonstrates that the guest is unable to queue.

Approximately 1 in 40 of our young visitors are on the autistic spectrum and it is at the request of their parents that proof of eligibility for the ride access pass is required. This ensures that those who experience emotional distress when queuing receive the maximum benefit from the pass. We fully understand that we cannot determine the needs of any individual based upon a visual assessment nor assume that every guest with a developmental disability will experience difficulty queuing. A DLA letter is insufficient to qualify for a ride pass.

Note that owing to the family nature of our theme parks and our naturally shorter queuing times, Gulliver’s is a particularly popular choice for guests with special needs.

On busy days, please respect other ride pass holders, expect to wait for at least 1 ride cycle and only use the pass where necessary (even on busy days ride queues are surprisingly short). On quieter days you’ll find that the need for such a pass is not even necessary, making your family day out even easier!

Dinosaur Rides And Attractions

Jurassic River Ride

Explore the deepest and darkest parts of the Lost World, we'll guide you the entire way. How many dinosaurs can you spot along the river?

Reptile and Bug Centre

Drop by the Reptile and Bug Centre to meet iguanas, snakes and geckos. Ideal for kids who love creepy crawlies, face the tarantulas and scorpions if you dare.

Living Dinosaurs

More than 30 tail-thrashing dinosaurs have been unleashed! You will find these prehistoric giants roaring and clawing throughout the park, learn more about how they lived and where they come from.

Roaming Dinosaurs

Would you like to meet a 'living' dinosaur? Come face to face with our life-like dino as he roams across the park. Look out for some very special appearances throughout the day.

Observation Tower

The best view for miles! How many dinosaurs will you spot across the Lost World?

Fossil Dig

This is your chance to dig for fossils and discover the secrets of the Lost World.

Fun for the Family 

The Whirlwind Adventure Land

Enjoy a delightful family ride as our magical hot air balloons take flight, the Whirlwind offers beautiful views of the theme park. 

  •   Ride Alone : over 120cm
  •   Ride with Adult : under 120cm

Jungle Falls Adventure Land

Race down Jungle Falls and see if you can make it to the finish line first. 

  •   Ride Alone : over 120cm
  •   Ride with Adult : 90-120cm
  •   Can't ride : under 90cm

Tree Top Swings Adventure Land

Stop by the tree top swings for the chance to glide through the air with this classic theme park experience. 

  •   Ride Alone : over 120cm
  •   Ride with Adult : 90-120cm
  •   Can't ride : under 90cm

The Buccaneer Adventure Land

Climb aboard the Gulliver's Buccaneer for a voyage like no other. This mighty pirate ship swings back and forth getting higher and higher as it picks up speed. 

  •   Ride Alone : over 120cm
  •   Ride with Adult : 90-120cm
  •   Can't ride : under 90cm

Flying Carpet Adventure Land

Ready for your next giant adventure? Take a seat on the magical flying carpet that rises and drops in a circular motion. 

  •   Ride Alone : over 120cm
  •   Ride with Adult : 90-120cm
  •   Can't ride : under 90cm

Jungle River Ride Adventure Land

Set sail across the Jungle River to explore uncharted waters, be warned you might get wet! Look out for crazy characters popping up along the way. 

  •   Ride Alone : over 120cm
  •   Ride with Adult : under 120cm

Dragon Siege Lilliput Land

  •   Ride Alone : over 140cm
  •   Ride with Adult : 120-140cm
  •   Can't ride : under 120cm

Veteran Cars Lilliput Land

Veteran cars is a fun way for children to experience being in the driving seat. Grown ups can sit back and take it easy while the mini vehicles cruise around the track. 

  •   Ride Alone : over 120cm
  •   Ride with Adult : under 120cm

Gulliver's Giant Tea Cups Lilliput Land

Follow the path to Lilliput Land to find our giant teacups. Perfect for the whole family, prepare for non-stop spinning action. 

  •   Ride Alone : over 120cm
  •   Ride with Adult : under 120cm

Cycle Monorail Lilliput Land

Enjoy a leisurely ride with the Gulliver’s Cycle Monorail. Use just a little bit of pedal power to make it across the track. 

  •   Ride Alone : over 140cm
  •   Ride with Adult : 90-140cm
  •   Can't ride : under 90cm

Jousting Castles Lilliput Land

Join Gully and his Knights with this spectacular medieval themed ride that offers real thrills. 

  •   Ride Alone : over 120cm
  •   Ride with Adult : 90-120cm
  •   Can't ride : under 90cm

Rio Bravo Discovery Bay

Take some time to explore the sights and sounds of Discovery Bay with our Rio Bravo train journey 

  •   Ride Alone : over 90cm
  •   Ride with Adult : under 90cm

Runaway Train Discovery Bay

Choose your train carriage and hold on tight! The Runaway Train is a hugely popular roller coaster experience that you don't want to miss. 

  •   Ride Alone : over 120cm
  •   Ride with Adult : 90-120cm
  •   Can't ride : under 90cm

The Silver Mine Discovery Bay

Step into the unknown with this fun interactive experience. Aim for the targets as you delve deeper into the mysterious mine. 

  •   Ride Alone : over 120cm
  •   Ride with Adult : under 120cm

Crazy Barrel Ride Discovery Bay

Prepare yourself for non-stop spinning action in Discovery Bay with the Crazy Barrel Ride 

  •   Ride Alone : over 120cm
  •   Ride with Adult : under 120cm

JCB Zone Toy Land

JCB Zone features construction themed activities and attractions, in this special area of the park you can operate one of the iconic JCB diggers. Look out for the Big Dig Zone, Demolition Dodgems, the Crazy Crane and much more. 

  •   Ride Alone : over 120cm
  •   Ride with Adult : under 120cm

The Crazy Crane Toy Land

Introducing the tallest ride at Gulliver's Land Theme Park. A drop tower with a twist, reach new heights as you take in incredible views of the park. Located in the action-packed JCB Zone area, are you brave enough to experience the thrills of the Crazy Crane? 

  •   Ride Alone : over 130cm
  •   Ride with Adult : 120-130cm
  •   Can't ride : under 120cm

Dodgems Toy Land

It’s time to buckle up as you dodge, bump and zoom your way around with this theme park classic. 

  •   Ride Alone : over 140cm
  •   Ride with Adult : 90-140cm
  •   Can't ride : under 90cm

Twist and Joust Lilliput Land Castle

A super spinning ride with a medieval twist. 

  •   Ride Alone : over 120cm
  •   Ride with Adult : 90-120cm
  •   Can't ride : under 90cm

Gulliver's Travels The Ride Lilliput Land Castle

Follow in the footsteps of the legendary Gulliver with a ride that brings his famous story to life. Where did he go and what did he see?

  •   Ride Alone : over 120cm
  •   Ride with Adult : under 120cm

Horses Carousel Main Street

A delightful theme park experience particularly for younger children. They can choose from beautiful horses or colourful carriages. 

  •   Ride Alone : over 90cm
  •   Ride with Adult : under 90cm

Interactive Indoor Play Area Main Street

Packed with mini rides, attractions and interactive features, enjoy the ultimate indoor play area at Gulliver's Land. 

  •   Ride Alone : under 150cm
  •   Can't ride : over 150cm

Giant Boots Junior Discovery Cove

Looking for something a little different? Climb into one of the giant cowboy boots for a unique ride that’s great for younger kids. 

  •   Ride Alone : over 120cm
  •   Ride with Adult : under 120cm

Pony Express Junior Discovery Cove

A family favourite that provides plenty of excitement. The Pony Express is hugely enjoyably for both children and adults. 

  •   Ride Alone : 90-150cm
  •   Can't ride : under 90cm or over 150cm

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