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Example 1: Direct Payments Advertisement for a Personal Assistant Form

Name of parent/carer

 John Smith 



Rate of Pay


Description of your child’s needs

This will be posted online on the Bedford Borough Local Offer page so please do not use identifying information for your child’s privacy.




Description of duty’s expected of the PA.

i.e. personal care/activities in the community/home support etc.





Hours you would ideally like your PA to work

i.e. evenings/weekends/school holidays. Detail specific hours and if hours can be flexible.





Skill’s/training your PA should ideally have or willingness to train for.

i.e. medication administration/epilepsy awareness etc.


Phone Number


Email Address



Any other information you feel is needed to be included regarding your service?

Please include your child’s likes and dislikes, preferred activities and any other relevant information.