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Standalone Farm - Letchworth

Review by The Bedford Mum on Facebook

Standalone Farm isn’t the biggest or the most polished farm we’ve been to, but it was definitely one of our favourites. Especially for the little ones. They have all the farm animals you would expect - sheep, alpacas, pigs, chickens - which was great.

And it definitely had that authentic farm feel, with mud and tractors and a bubbling brook. But it was the little touches that we enjoyed more than anything.

Watch out for the hidden fairy trail around the sheep field, which my 5 year old loved spotting. And the huge Thomas train track, with its own mini farm, which my 2 year old made us stand next to for what felt like hours (remember to bring some 20p for this).

It also has a fantastic play area, which they are manning brilliantly during Covid. A limited number of children are allowed on the big play area at one time, for 15 minute slots. But don’t worry, there are smaller play areas they can play on while waiting their turn for the big one.

There are loads of picnic tables and a huge space for little ones to run around. But just remember to bring your own picnic, as their cafe is only serving drinks and ice-cream at the moment (we got caught out by this)!

But what I was most impressed with was the price. They are currently running 3 hour morning and afternoon sessions, but unlike most places, they are only charging half price as you can only stay half the day. So it’s a real bargain too.

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Letchworth Garden City
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