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Children’s continence clinics - run by Bedfordshire Community Health Services


We’ve produced a short video for Children and families detailing the Covid 19 changes when visiting sites.  The video walks through a clinic visit and has been created from a child’s point of view.

Child-friendly visits from CCS NHS Trust on Vimeo.


In order to deliver the best possible patient care during the Coronavirus outbreak, we will be re-organising aspects of children's services that are provided and delivered by Bedfordshire Community Health Services. Please see the details on our public website ( for which services will be continuing, what changes will be made, and what will be suspended until further notice. 


What we do

The children’s continence clinic is for children and young people who have continued difficulties with continence issues such as but not limited to; constipation, day time wetting, night time wetting, who have already had support from the 0-19 team but need further assessment. 

The children’s continence care pathway has recently been reviewed to enable quicker access to appropriate treatments, advice and support.

Stage 1 - In the first instance all children should have access to, a school nurse, health visitor or GP who will give basic advice and guidance on toileting problems.

Stage 2 - If needed, a referral can then be made to see a specialised continence champion advisor, for any continuing difficulties.

Stage 3 - If at this stage it is then felt that a more specialist service is needed, then a referral will be made to the children’s continence clinic. These clinics are held in a variety of locations. If your child requires this level of support their referral will be allocated to the most appropriate clinician according to their symptoms and medical history.

The children’s continence clinic will see:

Children who are registered with a GP in Bedford, West Mid Beds or Ivel Valley with constipation, day/night time wetting which is not age appropriate: after stages 1 & 2 have been completed.

Children aged 4 years and above with additional needs who are struggling with toilet training can be referred for further assessment. They will need to be registered at a GP in Bedfordshire. If they are struggling with constipation and/or soiling this must be treated prior to a referral being made.

Where our service is based

Union Street Clinic
Union Street
MK40 2SF

How to contact our service

A 24 hour answer phone service is available on the following numbers:

Bowel - 01234 310847
Bladder - 01234 315847
Additional needs - 01234 310879

Or you may prefer to email


Who to contact


Where to go

Union Street Clinic
Union Street
MK40 2SF
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Other Details


Referral required
Age Bands
Parents and carers
0-4 years old
5-10 years old