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Early Years SEN Funding

If you are concerned about the progress of a child or children in your setting, and the strategies you have already tried have not improved outcomes, you can apply for short-term funding – a maximum of 12 weeks – for a child or children in receipt of 3 and 4 year old Nursery Education Funding.


The Early Years SEND Funding can be used for a range of programmes of work, including:

  • Planning and delivery time for one-to-one or group interventions, if cover is required. (Please note that the maximum hourly rate we can fund is £9.14)
  • Resources for interventions or to enhance your provision.
  • Staff training.

This funding is separate to additional and exceptional needs funding, and so cannot be used for children who are in receipt of these or for children with an Educational, Health and Care Plan. If you are not sure whether or not you are eligible to apply, please call Suzie Hoefkens on 01234 276179 or email

Application process:

A panel will meet every half term to consider applications and supporting evidence.

Please note that applications will not be considered without a copy of the child’s IEP or setting equivalent, or a provision map for a group of children.

Evaluation form:

Within 4 weeks of the end of the funding term you will be required to provide evidence of improved outcomes using the evaluation form at the bottom of this application (Section 2) and by submitting a reviewed IEP(s)/setting’s equivalent plan, or an evaluated provision map. If you still have concerns regarding the child/ren’s development the panel can help to review progress made and the possible next steps for intervention.

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