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Early Years Inclusion Fund

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum, which involves high quality inclusive practice, strong partnerships with families, universal interventions, and differentiated planning will, meet the needs of the majority of children.

However, some children with emerging special educational needs require more targeted support in order to learn, develop and be included.    

The Early Years Inclusion Fund supports all Early Years Educators to meet the needs and support the inclusion of individual children who are not already in receipt of Additional Needs SEND Funding.  The Early Years Inclusion Fund is available to providers of 3 and 4 year olds with emerging SEN needs who are in receipt of Early Education Funding and are not yet in a reception class. 

This funding is not aimed at children who are in receipt of Disability Living allowance (DAF) nor those children with complex needs who are funded through an Education, Health and Care Plan.

The Early Years Inclusion Fund can be used in a number of ways to support children.

  • Resources that support the child within targeted interventions.
  • Resources that support the child within your universal/foundation offer.
  • Training to ensure staff are confident to meet the needs of the unique child.

Application process:

Once your application is received it will be considered based on the application form and supporting evidence submitted.  The outcome will be communicated to you in writing within 14 days from submission.

Please note: Applications will not be considered without a copy of the child’s IEP. If evidence shows that the child needs are higher/more complex than Early Years Inclusion Funding can support, then an application for additional needs /exceptional needs must be completed.

Evaluation form:

The Early Years Inclusion Funding is funded in the first instance for (12 weeks). You will be asked to reflect on the impact of the funding, during the 12 weeks.  Therefore, within 4 weeks of the end of the funding period, you will be required to provide evidence of outcomes using the evaluation form at the bottom of the application (Section 2) and by submitting a reviewed IEP(s) or any evidence you deem applicable.

If you require a continuation of the funding, we will invite you to an online meeting to discuss possible next steps to support you, the child and the family. There will be a record of the consultation made however; we strongly suggest you also keep your own notes of the meeting so you can communicate to the whole staff and family what the next steps are.



Renewal of support:

In some situations, it may be necessary to request a continuation of this extra support (Early Years Inclusion Funding) after the 12 weeks. This is done by completing the (Continuation form). It is the responsibility of the setting to be aware of when funding ceases and put in place processes in a timely manner to ensure this continues if appropriate.

Where to send all applications:

Please send all applications to  

All applications and funding request amounts will be considered and should you require any support with the application or are unsure if you should apply please do not hesitate to contact Lorraine Bampton for further advice.


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