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Bedford Foodbank

Who are we?

We are part of the Trussell trust Network of Foodbanks

What do we do?

We provide 3 days of food to local people in crisis via a food bank voucher referral system from our 7 distribution centres based in Bedford and Kempston

For more information on getting a voucher 

When you visit a referral agency they will take some basic details from you to complete the voucher. This will help them to identify the cause of your crisis and offer practical guidance. It also means we are able to prepare suitable emergency food for the right number of people. Once you have been issued with a voucher, you can exchange this for a minimum of three days of emergency food at your nearest foodbank centre.

Who to contact


Where to go

One food bank with 7 distribution centres in Bedford and Kempston to collect from please find further details on

Time / Date Details

When is it on
Monday to Friday

Other Details




Referral required
Age Bands
11-14 years old
18-25 years old
15-17 years old
0-4 years old
5-10 years old