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SEND Luton Airport Advice

In collaboration with the National Autistic Society, we’ve put together the following advice to help you and your companions get around the airport.

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Sunflower lanyard for hidden disabilities
We understand that some passengers may not want to share details of their hidden disabilities. If this applies to you or someone you're travelling with we can offer you a sunflower lanyard to wear on your journey through our airport.

This will identify you to staff as someone who may need additional support or understanding.  Our staff have been specially trained to recognise the lanyard and act accordingly. The Sunflower is recognised at most UK airports as identifying Hidden disabilities and if you have an existing lanyard from another UK airport or Sainsbury’s this will also be recognised and accepted here.

Lanyards are available at our Special Assistance desk which is signposted on a yellow background from the entrance to the terminal building; you don’t have to be using the special assistance service to obtain a lanyard and are free to travel through the airport unescorted.

By using a lanyard it will help our teams recognise and assist you at every stage, it also allows you and your immediate family to use the Fast Track Security free of charge.

Special Assistance 

If you think there’s a chance you may need Special Assistance, it’s always best to tell your airline when you book or no later than 48 hours before departure. They’ll get in touch with us, and we’ll take care of the rest.Using Special Assistance

What if I change my mind or need extra help?

If you haven’t pre-booked Special Assistance, but you decide you need help while you’re at the airport, you can ask any of our uniformed staff, and they’ll contact the Special Assistance team straight away or go to a Special Assistance desk which is sign-posted throughout the airport.

Check-in ASAP

Customers and their companions should Check-in as soon as possible, and then go straight to Security.

Arriving at Security

On arrival at Security, if you have obtained your lanyard you can go straight through the Fast Track Security Lane.

Any special requirements should be explained to a member of the Security team who’ll be able to help you.

Private search area

If you’d prefer, we have a private search area – all you have to do is ask.

In the Departures area

Once you’re through Security, you might like to use the Special Assistance Waiting Area near Gate no. 22 which is signposted from the Departures Lounge. This is a public area, but it’s comparatively secluded. Other, quieter areas (depending on the time of day) are the Gates 19–27 area and the lounge seating area at Gate 7.  We also have a quiet room located next to Gate 17.

Any questions

If you have any questions about any aspect of LLA’s Special Assistance services, please email us at

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