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Bedford Disabled Horse Riding Association


The Riding Centre use the ponies not only to get the children and adults riding because it is a fun activity in itself but because the shape and gait of the horse stimulate muscle tone, relax stiff joints and improve balance, posture and walking ability. 

As a result riders are better able to cope with the tasks of daily living – whether it be sitting upright to do homework, joining in a family meal or walking home from school. On a horse a child receives physiotherapy in a subtle way.  The child is required to balance on a three dimensional object.

It’s a massive workout of the hips, pelvic area and leg muscles which helps develop motor and balance skills. The horses temperature – one degree warmer than humans - helps relax muscles.

We take riders each week from the following specialist schools:

The Grange, St Johns and Ridgeway as well as adults from Sue Ryder Homes Stagenhoe and patients referred by their GP`s. 

Most of our riders are from Bedfordshire and Herfordshire. Each week 118 individuals have the opportunity to ride.

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Where to go

The Riding Centre
Balls Lane
MK44 3PT
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Other Details

Age Bands
11-14 years old
18-25 years old
Parents and carers
15-17 years old
0-4 years old
5-10 years old