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Personal Budgets

What our service does

A personal budget is an agreed amount of money that a family can use to access support for their child/young person. It is agreed by the local authority and / or the Health services.

Personal budgets are a different way of providing the support and care to children and young people with Special Educational Needs and / or Disability (SEND) and can be used by the family to take greater choice, control and flexibility over the services they use.

The Children and Families Act 2014 introduced this form of personal budgets and the SEN and Disability Code of Practice defines a personal budget in the following way:

“A personal budget is an amount of money identified by the Local Authority to deliver provision set out in an EHC [Education Health and Care] plan where the parent or young person is involved in securing that provision.” (section 9.95)

“Personal budgets should reflect the holistic nature of an EHC plan and can include funding for special education, health and social care provision. They should be focussed to secure the provision agreed in the EHC plan and should be designed to secure the outcomes specified in the EHC plan.” (section 9.98)


Who our service provides for

Anyone who has an Education Health and Care Plan can request a personal budget.

However, a personal budget must be an effective way of delivering the outcomes that have been agreed in an EHC plan and securing the provision that has been agreed to support those outcomes. The personal budget should also be an efficient use of resources and must be used appropriately to deliver the provision agreed.

Personal budgets are also available to people with certain social care or health care needs. These are described below.

Personal budgets are a way of offering families, children and young people greater choice, flexibility and control over the services they use.

We will work with families, children and young people in a person centred way that puts individual needs and preferences at the centre of the services we provide. Personal budgets offer a more personalised way of commissioning and delivering services that can be more innovative and better tailored to individual circumstances.

Personal Budget leaflet

To download the new personal budget leaflet click here 


Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

To view the most recent Personal Budgets FAQ click here

How to start using our service

Currently we offer personal budgets for across the following areas:


  • Travel arrangements to and from school (if the school / place is named as the nearest suitable school)
  • Support for school trips / after school activities
  • Supported work placements
  • Access to community activities
  • Specific equipment for use at school or home



  • Children's continuing care is available when a child or young person's health needs cannot be met by existing universal or specialist services.
  • Similarly, for those over the age of 18 you may be eligible for a continuing care package. These are for those people who have substantial ongoing healthcare needs and are not in hospital.


Social Care:

  • Short breaks provide children with SEND enjoyable experiences away from their primary carers that might not otherwise be available and provide some respite to primary carers from their caring responsibilities such as:
  • Daytime care in the house or elsewhere
  • Overnight care
  • Educational or leisure activities outside the home
  • Support for carers outside of school hours
  • If you are over 16 you may be eligible to get a personal budget from the Adult Social Care Team at Bedford Borough. This can be used to meet the personalised outcomes you have agreed with the social care team. Because everyone is different, how you chose to meet your outcomes will be individual to you.


Be creative!

If you have an idea of how we might support an outcome in an EHC plan in an innovative and effective way, then please discuss it.

However, there are some areas in which we cannot offer personal budgets at the moment – typically these are for therapy services where we have existing contracts to provide services to the community and it does not represent an efficient use of scarce resources to fund a therapist separately for an individual child.

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