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FREE Start-Rite tool to measure Children/Young People feet for new shoes

What age is the paper measuring gauge suitable for?

It’s perfect for kids who can stand on their own and have a shoe size smaller than a large L 8.

If your child’s younger, or has smaller feet, then you may find it easier to measure their feet using our small measuring gauge.

1. If you have a a printer, you can download  our free cut-out shoe size gauges like this one Start-Rite, (just be sure for accuracy the document's set up to print at 100% size). Alternatively, If you don’t have access to a printer? We'll send you a paper measuring gauge in the post. Just email and we will do it right away.

2. Use a tape measure or ruler to take the distance from back of heel to tip of their longest toe. Repeat for the other foot and record the longest of the two measurements - it's normal for kids, and grown-ups for that matter, to have two slightly different-sized feet.

2. Check the conversion chart below to see what shoe size your measurement relates to, rounding up if it falls between sizes. It’s wise to add about 1.5cm extra space for wriggle room and growth. If you think they're growing especially fast, consider choosing one half-size bigger than you need.

Standard UK children's foot length vs shoes sizes (cm)

Foot length (cm) Shoe size
10.5 2
10.8 2.5
11.4 3
11.7 3.5
12.1 4
12.7 4.5
13 5
13.3 5.5
14 6
14.3 6.5
14.6 7
15.2 7.5
15.6 8
15.9 8.5
16.5 9
16.8 9.5
17.1 10
17.8 10.5
18.1 11
18.4 11.5
19.1 12
19.4 12.5
19.7 13

4. If your child needs a width other than the industry standard 'F' (which fits the majority of children), choose 'D-E' for narrow, 'G' for wide or 'H' for extra-wide feet. This doesn’t need measuring each time – once wide-footed you’re generally always wide-footed, so go with the width of previous shoes they've been measured for.

Standard UK children's shoes width guide

Width code









Extra wide

4. Refer to the site you’re buying from to see if it has its own size guide online. If not, convert your measurements using the standard sizing guide below.How to measure children's feet

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The paper measuring gauge

If you’re not sure how to use the paper measuring gauge, or find watching a video easier, then just click below:

Watch our video below to make sure your children’s shoes fit correctly. It will guide you through each of the steps above.



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