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NDD Local Services and Support - Sensory

Sensory Processing is the ability to register, discriminate, adapt and respond appropriately, both physically and emotionally to sensory input from our bodies and the environment. We receive a great deal of information from our senses. We use this information in many ways – to help…

Personal Budgets - Frequently Asked Questions

Bedford Borough Council Frequently Asked Questions Personal Budgets   The Children & Families Act 2014, and the SEND Code of Practice 2015, aims to support children and young people with SEN and/or disabilities, and their families more to have greater choice, flexibility, and control over…

Preparing for adulthood

Preparing for adulthood Transition or preparing for adulthood is the term used to describe the process which is in place to support young people and their families move from services they have received as a child into those that they need when they become an…

SEND Glossary

Is there a term, word or Acronym.  that you need clarification on please use the SEND glossary below.  If you we missed a term, word or Acronym please let us know by emailing  A Academy – a publicly funded school which operates outside of local authority…

Things to Do

From local youth groups to uniformed clubs.... from drama and dance to football teams - this is the section you need to locate all of the fun things you and your family can access in the local area. Have fun!