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From local youth groups to uniformed clubs.... from drama and dance to football teams - this is the section you need to locate all of the fun things you and your family can access in the local area. Have fun!

Timetable of online activities

Bedford Borough has teamed up with Project 229 to coordinate an exciting timetable of online activities to keep you and your child occupied this lockdown. We have secured sessions on a range of group activities for both the children and young people and for parents…

What is a learning disability?

What is a Learning disability? A learning disability can affect the way a person understands information and how they communicate. This means they can have ongoing difficulties with; understanding new or complex information learning new skills coping independently A learning disability happens when a person's…

What is Sensory Processing?

This is the ability to register, discriminate, adapt and respond appropriately, both physically and emotionally to sensory input from our bodies and the environment. We receive a great deal of information from our senses. We use this information in many ways – to help us…