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Alternative Provision

Alternative education provision (AP) refers to education that a child or young person receives away from their school, arranged by the Local Authority or by the schools themselves.

Applying for Benefits

Your Personal Adviser will provide advice on the benefits that you can apply for and will support you to make your application. You might be able to claim some benefits, like Jobseeker’s Allowance or Universal Credit, Housing Benefit or Income Support, depending on your circumstances.…

Barracudas @ Bedford Girls School

***FULLY BOOKED*** Barracudas offers a vast range of activities including swimming, archery, fencing and motorsports (age restrictions for these three), many team sports (football, basketball, volleyball etc.), yoga, team building games, art, dance, drama – not only is there about 80 different sessions, each child…

Becoming a Personal Assistant (PA)

Personal Assistants (PA’s) are employed to assist children/young people  who need support with health or social care and provide extra support to the parent/guardian.  Every child is different and so are their needs, PA support can vary from working with a child with Autism to…

Bedford Blues @ Bedford Academy

Join our Tackle EASTER Programme now! Our Tackle EASTER programme is designed specifically for young teenagers (11+). We host a number of workshops throughout the holiday period focusing on sports, creativity, games, and developing skills like communication, teamwork and resilience. Running at Bedford Academy for…