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National Insurance Number

Your National Insurance number is important and is unique to you. It is a code, made up of letters and numbers and never changes. You need your National Insurance number to make sure that any tax you pay or National Insurance contributions you make are…

NATP - National Associate Of Therapeutic Play We guide Parents to effective support and resources. Supporting families and professionals who are working with, or caring for neuro-diverse children, children who have experienced adverse childhood experiences in their lives, or children living with Developmental Trauma.

NDD Local Services and Support - Sleep

Problems with sleep are common in all children and young people, though they may be more likely to occur in children/young people with additional needs because of possible physical or medical reasons, sensory issues, behavioural issues, learning difficulties/disabilities, and frequent hospitalisation.  Problems with sleep may…

NDD Local Services and Support - Behaviour

All children have times when they behave in inappropriate or challenging ways. They can go through different phases as they develop and become more independent and this might mean they push limits and boundaries from time to time. At times of change or difficulty, for…