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How to support a foster child with FASD

FASD (Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder) can have a serious, long-term impact on a baby’s growth and development. Around 7,000 (1 per cent) of UK babies have FASD. It’s important that foster carers are aware of the condition and how it may affect a child’s development, learning…

Independent Advocacy

An advocate is someone who can help you to get your views across and supports you to have your say when decisions are being made about you. An advocate can give you information about your rights, help you have your say at meetings, speak on…

Family Support

Every family needs support from time to time. Here you will find a range of support services that you can access to support you as parents or the whole family. Use the below categories to filter through the range of services available to you locally.…

NATP - National Associate Of Therapeutic Play We guide Parents to effective support and resources. Supporting families and professionals who are working with, or caring for neuro-diverse children, children who have experienced adverse childhood experiences in their lives, or children living with Developmental Trauma.

Part-Time Timetables

A timetable is considered part time or reduced when the total hours provided for your child are less than those provided to the majority of their peers in school.

Summer of SEND 2022 - Parent/Carer page

The "Summer of SEND" has been arranged to  celebrate  all things Special Educational Needs and / or Disability (SEND) across Bedford Borough. This page is dedicated to Parents/Carers of Children and Young People who have SEND, providing you with training, get togethers and events across the…