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Bedford Borough launch new Disability Employment Guide

Here in Bedford Borough we know that more and more businesses are recognising the value of diverse talent – to the workplace and to the bottom line.

However if you are disabled, getting into and staying in work is still so much harder than it needs to be.

There are currently one million people with disabilities who are ready and wanting to work but are shut out of the jobs market. On top of this just 50 per cent of people with disabilities are in work, compared to 80 per cent of non-people with disabilities.

Shockingly, Mencap found that for people with a Learning Disability, just 6% of those known to local authorities assessed as able to work, are in employment.

This needs to change.

People with disabilities consistently tell us that the barriers they face to getting into work and grow in their roles can be solved. The answer to this lies in providing employers with the tools they need.

We also know that only one in ten business leaders were confident about recruiting people with disabilities into senior positions…The main reason given being the potential high costs of adjustments, this illustrating a significant lack of awareness given the average cost of reasonable adjustments is just £75.

This highlights the need for us to create a document that not only supports businesses with removing barriers to employment for people with disabilities, but also highlights what support businesses can access themselves to better help them identify and resolve potential issues and barriers that may come up for a employee with a disability. We hope this document gives employers the confidence to take the positive step in employing more people with disabilities, which will only benefit them, their company and the Borough of Bedford as a whole.

You can view the Bedford Borough Disability Employment guide by clicking here