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New Triple P positive parenting discussion groups for the Spring term

Discussion Groups and Seminars

This is a great way to cover key areas we know many parents want information and help with, including:
• Understanding general parenting issues, why children tend to behave in certain ways under certain influences, and what they best respond to.
• Dealing decisively and effectively with behaviours such as aggression,
non-cooperation and disobedience.
• Recognising and managing situations that might be less obvious such as sadness, anxiety, difficulty with separation and problems mixing with other children.

Triple P Groups 

Groups are small (usually 8 – 10 parents/carers) and are made up of people who
all want the same thing – to do the best for their children and enjoy a happy family
life. Groups are run by accredited Triple P facilitators. There are four 2-hour group
sessions (held weekly), followed by two/three 15 – 30 minute weekly phone calls to
discuss your progress and any concerns you may have, and then a final group session.
You will learn about:
• Effective Parenting Strategies
• How to promote your child’s development
• How to manage common child behavioural problems
• Principles to help you deal with almost any situation that may arise.
• Parents/carers should be available to attend every session.

Teen Triple P Programme

Life with teenagers can be a challenge and Teen Triple P really understands that.
As your children move to their teens, parents & carers have to learn a whole new
set of parenting skills and as we know, this is difficult. The 8 week Teen Triple P
programme offers parents & carers’ knowledge and new skills to be able to manage
conflict with teens, relate to them as they continue to grow, improve communication
and promote their children's independence as they enter early adulthood. Come along
and gain the skills to be able to live more positively with your teens or develop the
knowledge to manage conflict with them.

Please click here for the Spring term dates.