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  6. Parents and carers

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  • Ready Steady Roll Board Game Cafe in Sharnbrook - Coronavirus update

    Ready Steady Roll  is a board game café. With over 350 games on the shelves, there are loads of  games to play – with Game Gurus on hand to explain them so you don’t need to read the rules. Join us for a few  fun…
  • Sensory Processing Training: Follow On Hub

    FREE TO ALL BOOKING ESSENTIAL This is a follow on session for Bedford Borough Parents who have previously attended introductory training on Sensory Processing Difficulties. These smaller hubs will enable more personalised discussions about the strategies you have attempted to implement since the training, any…
  • An Introduction to Sensory Processing Difficulties – Online

     FREE TO ALL BOOKING ESSENTIAL This free online workshop aims to support parents and carers living in Bedford Borough to be able to better understand Sensory Processing Difficulties (SPD) and the challenges that some children with SPD may face in both the classroom and their…
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