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Types of Accommodation

Staying Put

With your foster carer if you have been living in foster care and this is what both you and your foster carer wants. You are able to remain living with your foster carer until you reach the age of 21. The Staying Put policy can be found at:  

Semi-Independent Accommodation

This is for young people who require some support to live safely and successfully. If you live in semi-independent accommodation this is likely to be part of a house where you have your own room but share areas such as kitchen, living room and bathroom. You are also likely to be supported by a keyworker from the accommodation provider who will continue to support you to learn key independence skills and offer advice and guidance when you need it. 


Council Tenancy

This is a good option for young people are ready to live on their own and manage their own accommodation at 18. When you are ready to apply for a property provided by Bedford Borough Council your Personal adviser can support you to make the online application. This can happen three months before your 18th birthday if it is agreed in your Pathway Plan. The Council will provide you with a bidding number which then allows you to ‘bid’ on properties in your preferred areas. As a care leaver you do get priority in housing allocation although it can be that you need to bid on a few properties before you are successful in your application.

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