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Teacher Wellbeing

Looking after the wellbeing of our education professionals is so important. Below are some resources and support that are available to support

Keeping Well BLMK

Free, fast and confidential wellbeing and psychological support

By care professionals for care professionals

We are here to provide wellbeing and psychological support to key workers including NHS staff, staff providing care to others in the community and in residential homes and voluntary sector organisations in the Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes (BLMK) area.  Information on who can access the service

For more information visit the website by clicking here or watch the below video for more information

Public Health England Advice and Guidance

Public Health England

Resources for school staff wellbeing
COVID-19 is having an ongoing impact on our work and personal lives. Maintaining and promoting staff wellbeing is especially important during challenging times such as this. There are a lot of resources available for promoting staff wellbeing, including specifically for staff working in the Education sector. This document aims to signpost and provide quick links to some of the support that is available. The list is not exhaustive, and many other useful organisations and services exist, but it is hoped that the links below will help to navigate you to key resources.

Download this resource by clicking here

Workload, Wellbeing and Covid-19 - NASUWT Guidance

Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, excessive workload and poor wellbeing were cited by teachers and school leaders across the UK as among their main concerns about the quality of their working lives.

Not only have many of the causes of these concerns remained relevant during the pandemic, they have been exacerbated by the extraordinary pressures that COVID-19 has placed on schools and the staff who work in them. The need to adapt quickly to rapidly changing circumstances, while facing the same range of challenges that COVID-19 brought to every other member of society, has placed unprecedented demands on the UK’s teachers and school leaders.

You can view this resource by clicking here

National Education Union: Mental health conditions in the education profession

Excessive workload is a key cause of mental health problems among teachers and education professionals. This advice explains what to do if you are struggling with mental health and outlines the different ways you can get support.

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National Education Union: Tackling Stress

Excessive workload and working hours are continually cited by teachers as one of the main causes of their workplace stress. This advice explains how to tackle stress at a local level in your workplace.

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NASUWT Guidance for Teachers Working from home

As many teachers may be largely working from home at the current time, cases of stress, anxiety and depression are likely to increase, so it is important that everyone looks after their own mental health.

NASUWT have created this helpful guide for teachers working from home regarding looking after their wellbeing.

You can view this by clicking here