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Document Library

Please find our Documents Library which we hope will support parents/carers, and professionals  working in SEND to find the information they need quickly.

If you would  like a document in a different format please email  

Documents related to individual services will remain attached to their service entry in the directory section of the site and should be searched for by team. 

Most documents will open in a separate window and can then be downloaded.

Some other documents are designed as templates for you to work on so are not saved as PDFs.

These documents will download automatically when you click on the link and can then be opened and worked on.

Local referral forms

CAMHS Self Referral Form 

Young people or parents/carers who live in Bedfordshire can now self-refer to their local CAMH service.  The team will screen all referrals for risk and need. For any referrals that we are unable to accept during these challenging times, support will be provided in the form of psychoeducation and self-help. If you dont have access to the internet please call 012CAM34 893362.

CAMHS Self Referral form 

CAMHS and CHUMS referral pathways

Early Help Assessment

Early Help Assessment - Use for referrals into Early Help Services, Education Psychology, Parenting and Autism Advisory Teachers.  July 2022 Please note the new email address to send completed forms

NHS Multidisciplinary referral form

Referral Hub - Cambridgeshire Community Services 

The Referral Portal is an online referral system that will help to streamline the referral process for children and young people into our specialist community health services.  

Currently, only our Community Paediatric services across Beds and Luton will use the new referral system via the portal, but gradually over time we will be bringing our other specialist services online. Please note: this means we can only accept referrals for children registered with a Bedfordshire or Luton GP.

The aim of this Referral Portal will be to enhance data security, will enable referrals to be made to multiple services using one referral process and is part a programme to establish a single point of access for all CCS Children’s Services in Bedfordshire and Luton.

Beds and Luton Referral Portal (

School Support Services (SSS) Panel Request Form

Speech and Language Therapy Pre-School referral form (New Link May 2022)

Speech and Language Therapy School age referral form (New Link May 2022) 

Team Around the Family (TAF) Review Form July 2022 Please note the new email address to send completed forms

Bedford Borough Educational Psychology Team Documents

Bedford Borough SEND Team Documents for Parents/Carers and Schools

Annual Reviews

Annual Review Guidance

EHCP Review Form September 2021

Example Letter - Invite to Annual Review for parents/carers

Parental Contribution To The Statutory Annual Review

Self Review Sheet

Self Review Sheet – Bubbles

Self Review Sheet - (Year 9)


Educational Advice Guidance Notes Sept 2021.pdf

Educational Advice Form Sept 2021

EHCNAF - request for an Education Health and Care needs assessment Form November 2022

EHCNAF (request for an Education Health and Care needs assessment FormPrompt Sheet (Guidance for completing an EHCNAF)

Forms for Parents/Carers and Young People

Parents/Carers Questionnaire

Response to Draft EHCP Parents/Carers

Response to Draft EHCP Young People

Young Person Questionnaire

SEND Panel

SEND Panel Guidance Sept 2017

SEND Panel Terms Of Reference Updated October 2019

Special School Banding Process Guidance

Special Schools Funding Band Description

School Support Services (SSS) Panel Request Form

Specialist Placements

Admission guidance to Specialist Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) Provision

ASC Provisions - guidelines for admission and exit

ASC Provisions Post 16 - Entry and Exit guidelines for students

Assessment and Emergency Placements

Managing Specialist Placements

SEND Documents

Additional support costs for post 16 high needs students

Bedford Borough's Co-production Charter 

Data protection in the send team and related support services

Exceptional Medical Needs Funding - Procedure and Application

Guidance on Educating Children with an EHCP Plan Out of Year Group in Mainstream School 

Independent schools for pupils with special educational needs, including those approved under section 41 of the Children and Families Act

SEND Officer Schools List June 2023 - Bedford Borough Council

SEND Officer Schools List June 2023 - Other Local Authorities

Transport Guidance

Funding Levels for EHCP Plans 

Funding Level For EHCP Plans

Bedford Borough Council's Documents

Bedford Borough Council's Parent/Carer Guide

Bedford Borough Council's Strategies

Bedford Borough Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA)

The Bedford Borough Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) is a local assessment of current and future health and social care needs.

As a council, we have a duty to improve the health of our population.

To help with this, we use data and information from a range of sources, including hospitals, to understand more about the nature and causes of disease and ill-health in the area.

The JSNA is an essential tool used by the Health and Wellbeing Board. The Board uses is to assess the needs of  the local population and sets out how these needs will be addressed.

The JSNA is a living document. It is published in its entirety with over 80 chapters, each dealing with a different topic across the life course. The chapters are updated regularly, depending on when new information becomes available. To view the chapter on Children/Young People with Special Educationa Needs and/or Disabilites click here 

JSNA annual summary 2019 (PDF) aims to distil the key issues from the JSNA and present the headline priorities. Wherever a phrase appears in bold, the dedicated chapter can be found on the website with all the relevant statistics, evidence and the detailed recommendations listed in full.

Bedfordshire Health Policies

SEND Matters: The newsletter for all things SEND in Bedford Borough

National NHS, Government and strategic partners guidance....