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NDD Local Services and Support - Independent Life Skills

All young people need to develop skills which enable to them to live their lives as independently as possible as adults.  Many of us take these skills for granted, but for some young people, this can offer a real sense of achievement and freedom and enable them to access and live as part of their local communities with less formal care and support.

Life skills can include being able to shop and budget for food, preparing meals, paying bills, banking, cleaning and maintaining a home,  as well as using the bus or other forms of public transport to get around. 

Universal – These services are available to everyone, without the need for any referral

Targeted – These services provide more targeted support to address a need. In most cases a referral is required

Specialist – These services provide specialist, targeted support and a referral is required. A number of these services are provided as part of the ‘intervention’ stage of our NDD Pathway.

We have also worked with the Council for Disabled Children to create a list of useful resources that are available through national organisations