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New Hate Crime Service

We have recently opened a new Hate Crime service that has been funded by the Police Crime Commission. This service supports victims of hate crime and is free of charge. 


The new service called Bedfordshire's Community Mediation Service. This service has been designed to support people who live in Bedford Borough and are experiencing Hate Crime/ Hate Incidents. The service also aims raise awareness, breakdown reporting barriers and work as a mediation service to increase the reporting rate of hate crimes across Bedfordshire.

Support is provided through a online chatline and there is an option for people who can not access this to have over the phone or face to face support if needed. In addition to this our website provides UK hate crime information and statistics and over the next few months will have an awareness page with learning materials for everyone to access. 

The service provides a chatline is accessible to the community via the Bedfordshire Community Mediation Service website and will be open Monday to Thursday 9 am till 5 pm and on Friday from 9 am till 4pm.

Please see link below to find out more information and access chatline.