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NDD Local Services and Support - Toilet Training and Continence

In the UK an estimated 900,000, or 1 in 12, 5-19 year olds suffer from bowel and bladder conditions. These include bedwetting, daytime wetting, constipation and soiling.

The impact of continence conditions can be significant on a child or teenager’s life and the stress that comes with dealing with a child's wetting or soiling problem can be considerable for families too. Disrupted sleep, constant washing of clothing or bedding and a reluctance to leave the house can be difficult.

However, most bowel and bladder problems are avoidable and treatable.

If you are concerned about your child, talk to your child’s family worker at school or to your GP and if needed they can make a referral for additional support from the Continence Service.

You can view the Bedford Borough Continence guidance booklet by clicking here

Universal – These services are available to everyone, without the need for any referral

Targeted – These services provide more targeted support to address a need. In most cases a referral is required

Specialist – These services provide specialist, targeted support and a referral is required. A number of these services are provided as part of the ‘intervention’ stage of our NDD Pathway.

We have also worked with the Council for Disabled Children to create a list of useful resources that are available through national organisations