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NDD Local Services and Support - Learning and development

Learning is the acquisition of new information, behaviours, or abilities after practice, observation, or other experience. Development is the progressive series of changes that occur over the lifespan of a human being. (APA Dictionary of Psychology).

Learning and development are closely linked, in that learning is dependent on early developmental stages

Some children struggle with learning significantly more than the majority of their peers, which may be indicative of a learning difficulty.

All children are entitled to an education that is appropriate to their needs, promotes high standards and provides them with an opportunity to reach their potential, allowing them to achieve their best, become confident individuals and make a successful transition to adulthood (SEND COP, 2014: 6.1).

If you think your child has a learning difficulty you can talk to any health or education professionals working with your child. They will help you unpick your child’s behaviours, and their cause, and be able to advise you on the appropriate level of support your child requires. 

Below you will find a list of services that are available both locally and nationally to support in this area. These services have been listed under the following categories:

Universal – These services are available to everyone, without the need for any referral

Targeted – These services provide more targeted support to address a need. In most cases a referral is required

Specialist – These services provide specialist, targeted support and a referral is required. A number of these services are provided as part of the ‘intervention’ stage of our NDD Pathway.

We have also worked with the Council for Disabled Children to create a list of useful resources that are available through national organisations