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Behaviour, Learning and Inclusion Support

Bedford Borough Council and it's partners launched their Behaviour, Learning and Inclusions Support Strategy (BLISS) in November 2019. This is a multi-agency approach to promote inclusion and helping vulnerable children to stay in school.

Produced in partnership with schools, colleges, nurseries, police and health services, this strategy will work to ensure that schools are supported to be inclusive and effectively tackle challenging behaviour from students, and further reduce exclusions in the borough.

While there has been a national rise in exclusions, Bedford Borough has seen incredible progress from schools in reducing permanent exclusions. There is a commitment to capitalise on the progress we are making with permanent exclusions and extend this to reducing fixed term exclusions.

The strategy aims to make education accessible to every child, working with those who are vulnerable to exclusion and provide support at the earliest opportunity.

You can read the BLISS Srategy Document Here

The Early Help and Intervention Graduated Response Document is initiated when a pupil is displaying behaviours which are preventing them from making progress and / or are impacting negatively on the learning of other pupils around them.

The Little Book of BLISS is a compimentary document that goes alongside the strategy and give useful information and contact details of where else to access support.